Tips on Pixie for a Female with Fine Hair and Round Face

Tips on Pixie for a Female with Fine Hair and Round Face

September 8, 2018 Off By Kenneth

Do you want to have a good mood every day? Is it possible to be in the center of attention due to really impressive hairstyle? Dear women, let’s try to figure out what can turn us from the ordinary office manager, housewife, student, devoted and always busy husband’s wife etc. into a real queen of the ball and the goddess of any party. This is the main subject of our article!

This smart haircut is a perfect choice for women who would like to mix in one both boyish hooliganism and female sexuality.

If you have a round face and this type of hair, go ahead! A girl with a pixie is like a little elf, a fairy, full of sincerity and mystery. At the same time a lady who prefers this option is very elegant and confident.

Discover what are important tips and details of pixie haircuts for fine hair and round faces:

  • Such choice makes a lady very feminine.
  • To add volume a multi-layer technique can be used.
  • Given this very face shape it is better to arrange asymmetry and an elongated bang. Strands on temples can be left on the line of cheekbones or longer.
  • Open neck, cheekbones and ears are perfect for interesting daily make-up. The selection of jewelry should be well-thought starting from plastic clips and ending with golden earrings.
  • Morning ritual will not take much time.

Professional approach

If you are ready to change your everyday look dramatically, just take into consideration some tips from beauty industry experts:

  • Hair type affects total look very much. For curly hair this very cut has no sense, especially if the strands are naughty and too short. That’s why when thinking about a new image, it’s better to consult with a good stylist.
  • Girls with slightly curly locks are advised to make short strands. A small wave can envisage a romantic appearance. Fine hair strands would be best cut with some elements of the cascade. Also, the graduation will look good.
  • Don’t waste your time at home and go to the beauty salon with a proven record. This cut is always being performed on wet hair. Hairdressers have a so-called “control line”,  namely a lock of the occipital zone, which is pulled off as much as possible, taking into account the client’s desires. All further strands are created in relation with it.

Of course, our dear female readers, despite the expensive dresses and designers’ gourmets, the first decoration of any of us is hair and cut. Without a doubt, everyone knows the old truth that the best hair is neat, clean, and healthy. But still, in our marvelous, quirky, glamorous enchanting age, the true winner wants something more. Hope you find our information interesting and it will help you to find life balance, to combine daily routine with a glossy look.

Summary. Creating a hairstyle does not end with a proper cut. There are a lot of options for doing this. They depend on the mood and the occasion. You can make it bold and businesslike, funny and romantic. Use special foam and mousse to add volume. When applying, the hair should be gently whisked. Then it should be dried using a diffuser.