What Female Magazines Write about Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs and Short Sides

What Female Magazines Write about Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs and Short Sides

August 18, 2018 Off By Kenneth

What words come to your mind when you think about pixie cut with long bangs short sides? Dynamic, impeccably stylish, and fashionable. It slightly reminds fervent boyish haircuts and makes a woman look like a charming elf, emphasizing the femininity of the face and shoulders.

Here are several typical characteristics of pixie haircut:

    • a right mix of strands with different length – shortened in the area of the temples and neck and optionally elongated on the head back. It gives you hair the necessary volume and glamorous effect as of being celebrity or a rock star.
    • maximally open ears and neck.
  • a bang which makes a big difference. It can be a ragged, triangular or oblique, or a simple smooth one lying on the forehead and a bit fixed with a gel.

Nowadays glossy magazines write a lot about pixie cut with long bangs short sides. Read the most interesting observations on this subject:

          • According to many stylists, a long torn bang asymmetrically falling to the forehead is a new trend of the upcoming seasons. The strands should be of different lengths to create a fashionable effect of casualness and mess.
          • Although this hairstyle with short sides seems to be very simple, the variety of styling options allows women literally changing their image every day, creating the most appropriate variants for clothing and make-up.
          • The long bangs should be the main accent if a female wants to look an independent & daring. This image is easily noticeable on the catwalks of leading designers.
          • The elongated pixie, cut on the base of cascade, is at the peak of popularity. Such variation envisages a good volume that will make you visually more romantic, subtle and young.
        • Pixie with a crew cut on the top will decorate lady with a short or thick neck, while a trashy torn elongated pixie bang is ideal for a rioting teenager.

Posh style with shaved temple

If you support bold experiments and creative solutions, then try an option with perfectly shaven temples (or with temples cut off under the minimal nozzle). This step will add asymmetry to the image, create a unique total look, and balance your features.

Summary. A short sophisticated pixie is not only a tribute to fashion. It is an opportunity to outline once again your femininity, and also to win a lot of time, because it’s hard to imagine a more practical hairstyle. Being a true embodiment of a real “French charm”, this hairdo makes all ladies and girls very special and elegant in any situation.