Why Romantic Women with Thick Hair and Round Face Like Pixie Cut

Why Romantic Women with Thick Hair and Round Face Like Pixie Cut

August 29, 2018 Off By Kenneth

You have probably already heard a popular phrase that a new cut changes a person’s fate. There is even such a saying “If a woman changes her hairdo, then soon she will change her life.” This wise expression is attributed to Coco Chanel. Many ladies really believe this maxim. Let’s try to figure out how true it is.

If you have a round face and thick hair, you are really a lucky woman. And one of the main hairstyle for you is pixie. Do you know why? Because it allows you:

  • smoothly covering the roundness of the cheeks, visually making the face oval;
  • looking really elegantly due to the side strands below the cheek line and additional volume at the back of the head;
  • feeling yourself relaxed and naturally.

High risk, big rewards

By the way, pixie cut for thick hair and round face is a number one hairstyle for dating. Are you surprised?

If you are planning to see a handsome man for the first time, think about a serious improvement of your hairstyle, even if he had seen you only on the dating site photos as a long-haired beauty. Men usually like surprises, they are as children in some way, aren’t they?

Here some tips on how you can create a way new image and destiny with a romantic and a bit boyish pixie:

  • First of all, examine your wardrobe. Do you have very feminine dresses, especially in such pleasant seasons as spring and summer? Give preference to those with open line of neck and shoulders.  
  • In order to create a bit mysterious look you can use hairpins, flowers, ribbons. Their colors have not to conflict with the dress or gown.
  • Massive or modest earrings will be great accessories – just choose a proper variant.
  • Smoky eyes will fit a pixie cut very much.
  • Thick hair is good for making blond or highly fashionable in this season pink strips on a long bang.
  • Use a special shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair so that it always looks well-groomed.
  • Buy professional liquids such as gels, mousses or foams, to style your strands.
  • Once a week, after washing your head, apply on the top several drops of special oil to nurture your skin and hair.

If you follow all these instructions, you will impress any man with your trendy appearance. Either a dinner at the restaurant or summer vacations on Maldives, this choice will always contribute to your femininity. Moreover, your date will notice that you’re aware of the latest trends and maybe even compare your with Hollywood stars. You may hint him that nice French perfumes will be a proper contribution not only to your posh look but also your mood.

So what is our conclusion? New image, as a rule, is useful to everyone. Cutting your hair regularly you literally remove the negative energy from your aura. Cardinal change will lead to serious transformations of your daily routine! Just make sure to be open to all novelties.