How to cut long curtain bangs

Having long curtain bangs is a stylish and versatile choice that can instantly transform your look. If you’re tired of heading to the salon every few weeks for a trim, why not try cutting your long curtain bangs at home? With the right technique and some expert guidance, you can achieve a professional-looking result. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to cut long curtain bangs like a pro.

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How to cut long bangs middle part

Long, sweeping bangs with a middle part have become a classic and versatile hairstyle that adds a touch of sophistication to any look. This peek-a-boo style offers a variety of ways to wear your bangs, whether you choose to tuck them behind your ears or let them fall freely in front. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to achieve this chic haircut on your own.

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Tips on Pixie for a Female with Fine Hair and Round Face

Do you want to have a good mood every day? Is it possible to be in the center of attention due to really impressive hairstyle? Dear women, let’s try to figure out what can turn us from the ordinary office manager, housewife, student, devoted and always busy husband’s wife etc. into a real queen of the ball and the goddess of any party. This is the main subject of our article!

This smart haircut is a perfect choice for women who would like to mix in one both boyish hooliganism and female sexuality.

If you have a round face and this type of hair, go ahead! A girl with a pixie is like a little elf, a fairy, full of sincerity and mystery. At the same time a lady who prefers this option is very elegant and confident.

Discover what are important tips and details of pixie haircuts for fine hair and round faces:

  • Such choice makes a lady very feminine.
  • To add volume a multi-layer technique can be used.
  • Given this very face shape it is better to arrange asymmetry and an elongated bang. Strands on temples can be left on the line of cheekbones or longer.
  • Open neck, cheekbones and ears are perfect for interesting daily make-up. The selection of jewelry should be well-thought starting from plastic clips and ending with golden earrings.
  • Morning ritual will not take much time.


If you are ready to change your everyday look dramatically, just take into consideration some tips from beauty industry experts:

  • Hair type affects total look very much. For curly hair this very cut has no sense, especially if the strands are naughty and too short. That’s why when thinking about a new image, it’s better to consult with a good stylist.
  • Girls with slightly curly locks are advised to make short strands. A small wave can envisage a romantic appearance. Fine hair strands would be best cut with some elements of the cascade. Also, the graduation will look good.
  • Don’t waste your time at home and go to the beauty salon with a proven record. This cut is always being performed on wet hair. Hairdressers have a so-called “control line”,  namely a lock of the occipital zone, which is pulled off as much as possible, taking into account the client’s desires. All further strands are created in relation with it.

Of course, our dear female readers, despite the expensive dresses and designers’ gourmets, the first decoration of any of us is hair and cut. Without a doubt, everyone knows the old truth that the best hair is neat, clean, and healthy. But still, in our marvelous, quirky, glamorous enchanting age, the true winner wants something more. Hope you find our information interesting and it will help you to find life balance, to combine daily routine with a glossy look.

=&1=&Creating a hairstyle does not end with a proper cut. There are a lot of options for doing this. They depend on the mood and the occasion. You can make it bold and businesslike, funny and romantic. Use special foam and mousse to add volume. When applying, the hair should be gently whisked. Then it should be dried using a diffuser.

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Why Romantic Women with Thick Hair and Round Face Like Pixie Cut

You have probably already heard a popular phrase that a new cut changes a person’s fate. There is even such a saying “If a woman changes her hairdo, then soon she will change her life.” This wise expression is attributed to Coco Chanel. Many ladies really believe this maxim. Let’s try to figure out how true it is.

If you have a round face and thick hair, you are really a lucky woman. And one of the main hairstyle for you is pixie. Do you know why? Because it allows you:

  • smoothly covering the roundness of the cheeks, visually making the face oval;
  • looking really elegantly due to the side strands below the cheek line and additional volume at the back of the head;
  • feeling yourself relaxed and naturally.


By the way, pixie cut for thick hair and round face is a number one hairstyle for dating. Are you surprised?

If you are planning to see a handsome man for the first time, think about a serious improvement of your hairstyle, even if he had seen you only on the dating site photos as a long-haired beauty. Men usually like surprises, they are as children in some way, aren’t they?

Here some tips on how you can create a way new image and destiny with a romantic and a bit boyish pixie:

  • First of all, examine your wardrobe. Do you have very feminine dresses, especially in such pleasant seasons as spring and summer? Give preference to those with open line of neck and shoulders.  
  • In order to create a bit mysterious look you can use hairpins, flowers, ribbons. Their colors have not to conflict with the dress or gown.
  • Massive or modest earrings will be great accessories – just choose a proper variant.
  • Smoky eyes will fit a pixie cut very much.
  • Thick hair is good for making blond or highly fashionable in this season pink strips on a long bang.
  • Use a special shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair so that it always looks well-groomed.
  • Buy professional liquids such as gels, mousses or foams, to style your strands.
  • Once a week, after washing your head, apply on the top several drops of special oil to nurture your skin and hair.

If you follow all these instructions, you will impress any man with your trendy appearance. Either a dinner at the restaurant or summer vacations on Maldives, this choice will always contribute to your femininity. Moreover, your date will notice that you’re aware of the latest trends and maybe even compare your with Hollywood stars. You may hint him that nice French perfumes will be a proper contribution not only to your posh look but also your mood.

So what is our conclusion? New image, as a rule, is useful to everyone. Cutting your hair regularly you literally remove the negative energy from your aura. Cardinal change will lead to serious transformations of your daily routine! Just make sure to be open to all novelties.

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What Female Magazines Write about Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs and Short Sides

What words come to your mind when you think about pixie cut with long bangs short sides? Dynamic, impeccably stylish, and fashionable. It slightly reminds fervent boyish haircuts and makes a woman look like a charming elf, emphasizing the femininity of the face and shoulders.


    • a right mix of strands with different length – shortened in the area of the temples and neck and optionally elongated on the head back. It gives you hair the necessary volume and glamorous effect as of being celebrity or a rock star.
      • maximally open ears and neck.
      • a bang which makes a big difference. It can be a ragged, triangular or oblique, or a simple smooth one lying on the forehead and a bit fixed with a gel.

      Nowadays glossy magazines write a lot about pixie cut with long bangs short sides. Read the most interesting observations on this subject:

              • According to many stylists, a long torn bang asymmetrically falling to the forehead is a new trend of the upcoming seasons. The strands should be of different lengths to create a fashionable effect of casualness and mess.
                • Although this hairstyle with short sides seems to be very simple, the variety of styling options allows women literally changing their image every day, creating the most appropriate variants for clothing and make-up.
                  • The long bangs should be the main accent if a female wants to look an independent & daring. This image is easily noticeable on the catwalks of leading designers.
                    • The elongated pixie, cut on the base of cascade, is at the peak of popularity. Such variation envisages a good volume that will make you visually more romantic, subtle and young.
                    • Pixie with a crew cut on the top will decorate lady with a short or thick neck, while a trashy torn elongated pixie bang is ideal for a rioting teenager.


                    If you support bold experiments and creative solutions, then try an option with perfectly shaven temples (or with temples cut off under the minimal nozzle). This step will add asymmetry to the image, create a unique total look, and balance your features.

                    =&2=& A short sophisticated pixie is not only a tribute to fashion. It is an opportunity to outline once again your femininity, and also to win a lot of time, because it’s hard to imagine a more practical hairstyle. Being a true embodiment of a real “French charm”, this hairdo makes all ladies and girls very special and elegant in any situation.

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Why Women with Black Hair Like Short Pixie Haircuts

Healthy and stylish hair is like a business card for every woman. If you feel that your haircut is very casual, if you don’t know what to do with your long curls, think about global change! Cut them short and color them black. Yes, we said exactly this!


Here are some arguments why new image is worth it:

  • Hollywood stars & famous female politicians are among fans of this smart haircut.  Traditional pixie on short hair is, usually, a short length, some grading, not too long bang. No age, only glamour and constant public attention!
  • You will be very noticeable on the street. Short pixie hairstyles for black hair is the choice of strong ladies who perfectly cope with relentless routine, who are strong and optimistic, although the this color seems to be depressing. There are a lot of ideas; you just need to decide which variation will suit you more.
  • The short pixie has remained relevant for more than one season, despite the fact that many women and girls find such changes excessively drastic. Perhaps the secret of this haircut is that it is suitable for a female of any age: it emphasizes the beauty of youth and smoothes out wrinkles. Young girls prefer it for boldness and originality, as well as the fact that it makes an accent on the neck and face. While women aged 40-50 years look younger and fresh.
  • It is easy to care and model your strands in the morning. You will also look very feminine and fragile if decorate yourself with large earrings and apply red lipstick. Black short hair is the right choice for busy women, who are always in a hurry: it is quite easy and quick to wash and dry.

Please, read some tips from a professional visagiste of how to make your makeup more romantic with short pixie hairstyles for black hair:

  • If you want to make an accent on green and brown eyes, apply some light tone cream to face: it will conceal sharp features.
  • Pink lips gloss brings brightness to the appearance of brown-eyed and grey-eyed.
  • Styling with mousse or gel will make a woman younger with any type of appearance.
  • Unnatural, but fashionable bright colors of lipstick such as strawberry will emphasize individuality.
  • This hairstyle is ideal for black and blue eyes. It outlines the snow-white skin, so choose a purple lipstick.

In order to check whether this option is suitable for you or not, you can pick up hair in a high tail or gently pin it with clips, removing the strands from your face. Then carefully look at the reflection in the mirror and assess the degree of satisfaction with the result.

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Discover Some Tips About Pixie Hairdos For Thick Coarse Hair

What are the benefits of pixie haircut? Who were the first women who dared to change their hairstyle in a very bold way? Why is it better to have coarse hair than a fair one?

Thick hair is much more versatile than you think, and simple novelties, such as changing the parting or cutting a bang, will help to transform the image without much effort. Keep this type of hair well moistened so that they do not become stiff or dry. Start with the use of a nutritional conditioner. It tames disobedient curls and minimizes fluffiness.

Here are some positive aspects of pixie cuts for thick coarse hair:

  • Give the hair a beautiful shape, which emphasizes facial features.
  • A definitely boyish look for a girl with thick hair.
  • Rejuvenates the image of a woman, making her stylish and bold.
  • It takes only a few minutes to style it.
  • The image can be significantly changed with the help of simple accessories – ribbons, flowers, clips.
  • It is necessary to maintain the form of haircut, visiting the hairdresser once every 3-5 weeks.

Pixie cuts for thick coarse hair are a perfect choice. This ultra-female style draws attention to the line of the jaw, cheekbones and eyes.

Here are three famous women who can be  considered as “mothers” of this hairdo:

  • The history of the hairstyle began in the sixties. The charming Audrey Hepburn in the famous “Roman holidays” cut off the most beautiful curls for gaining happiness and freedom.
  • In 1963, a young Leslie Hornby from the UK decided to break into the sphere of fashion industry. She began her way with the decision to cut her hair. The girl really attracted attention, so the famous Twiggy appeared.
  • Next renowned lady, Mia Ferrow, adorned herself with this hairdo. Her nail scissors helped her. However, following her act, Paramount Pictures studio hired a top stylist to give her new image a media look.

Hope you make sure that this option from top world hairdressers is suitable for a female with different face shape: that of heart, round, oval or square face.

If you have thick hair, but you are not sure what to do with it, why not try a cute and sexy short haircut? Short hairstyles are an excellent choice for thick and coarse hair, because you can play on their natural texture, and create a really interesting, new look. You will remain flirtatious and cheerful with such a haircut, it is great for thick hair. The style is quite simple, but the hairstyle looks chic in any situation! For an unusual retro image, use the bandana rockabilly.

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