Why Women with Black Hair Like Short Pixie Haircuts

Why Women with Black Hair Like Short Pixie Haircuts

August 11, 2018 Off By Kenneth

Healthy and stylish hair is like a business card for every woman. If you feel that your haircut is very casual, if you don’t know what to do with your long curls, think about global change! Cut them short and color them black. Yes, we said exactly this!

Be a star!

Here are some arguments why new image is worth it:

  • Hollywood stars & famous female politicians are among fans of this smart haircut.  Traditional pixie on short hair is, usually, a short length, some grading, not too long bang. No age, only glamour and constant public attention!
  • You will be very noticeable on the street. Short pixie hairstyles for black hair is the choice of strong ladies who perfectly cope with relentless routine, who are strong and optimistic, although the this color seems to be depressing. There are a lot of ideas; you just need to decide which variation will suit you more.
  • The short pixie has remained relevant for more than one season, despite the fact that many women and girls find such changes excessively drastic. Perhaps the secret of this haircut is that it is suitable for a female of any age: it emphasizes the beauty of youth and smoothes out wrinkles. Young girls prefer it for boldness and originality, as well as the fact that it makes an accent on the neck and face. While women aged 40-50 years look younger and fresh.
  • It is easy to care and model your strands in the morning. You will also look very feminine and fragile if decorate yourself with large earrings and apply red lipstick. Black short hair is the right choice for busy women, who are always in a hurry: it is quite easy and quick to wash and dry.

Please, read some tips from a professional visagiste of how to make your makeup more romantic with short pixie hairstyles for black hair:

  • If you want to make an accent on green and brown eyes, apply some light tone cream to face: it will conceal sharp features.
  • Pink lips gloss brings brightness to the appearance of brown-eyed and grey-eyed.
  • Styling with mousse or gel will make a woman younger with any type of appearance.
  • Unnatural, but fashionable bright colors of lipstick such as strawberry will emphasize individuality.
  • This hairstyle is ideal for black and blue eyes. It outlines the snow-white skin, so choose a purple lipstick.

In order to check whether this option is suitable for you or not, you can pick up hair in a high tail or gently pin it with clips, removing the strands from your face. Then carefully look at the reflection in the mirror and assess the degree of satisfaction with the result.